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What is The Icon Mix

11 600 misc style icons.

All icons are made by one author.

Аll icons one color palette.

Different complexity icons from simple interface icons to complex illustrations.

84% discount.

Free updates. I have a lot of ideas for a new icon sets.

What’s included

The Outline Icon Bundle


1000 filled outline icons set in blue colores. Big size icons look good. 64 px minimal size. IconJar optimized set (5-7 tags in each icon name), on organization problems.

Mars Icons


1000 filled outline icons set. I’ve used 64×64 px grid, so icons look good on big screen. These icons are best for infographics and illustrations. In this set I’ve collected the best and the most interesting and complex icons. IconJar optimized set (5-7 tags in each icon name), on organization problems.

The Outline Icon Bundle


1000 outline icons set. Big size icons look good. Monochrome icons are good for interfaces and infographics. 64 px minimal size. IconJar optimized, maximum details.

The Flat Icons


Good for flat graphics lovers. 2000 icons for any type of project. All icons are different, complex and easily customized. Categorized set, easy searching.

The Icon Bundle


2000 outline icons and 2000 filled outline icons united in one set. 24×24 px grid. Best for apps and web pages, icons look good in small size.

The Flat SEO & Business Icons


100 flat style icons. Very detailed, icons look good on any screen size. Highly specialized SEO and business icons. Additionally to the standard icons, this set is made in a long shadow style using three shapes – a circle, a square with rounded corners and a square.

The Map Icons


Flat style locations icon set. Icons were made as a google maps pins. Certain location icons and universal icons. Photoshop icon generator added. Place your icon or logo into the smart object and choose the pin option. Best for web designers working with maps often.

The Flat Flags Icons


Experimental flag sets. Badge look-like flags with country names. 187 country flags. All standard solutions related to flags have been implemented many times already, so I wanted to bring more variety to this topic. The flags look good in high resolution and are suitable as illustrations or for infographics.

The Icons 3in1


This is my oldest but still attractive set. 1320 icons. 3 sets united bundle, solid, outline and flat styles. Solid is best for a small icon size, 16×16 px or less. Outline is good for apps and web pages. Minimalistic and a thin line icons. Flat style is better for small icon size too.

The Logos


The last item is not an icon set, but i felt it necessary to include. The item includes 60 logo templates for your business. Easily customized and suitable for many tematics logos. Each logo was sold separately for 29$, now you can buy them all on profitable price. Hundreds of people are already using these logos.

Nikita Golubev

I’ve made my first icon set 4 years ago and now I’m selling everything that I’ve done for these years. Icons were made for a different needs, so you can find something useful for any type of project, application, web page or infographic.

Future plans

I have many plans, so after adding new items, the price will increase. Buy a bundle now and get all the new updates for free

4 styles in 1 pack

Outline, 2 versions of filled outline and flat

8 000 icons

Flat icons

64x64px grid

1 000 icons

Gradient icons

64x64px grid

1 000 icons

Avatar icons

Filled outline style

30-50 icons

Website page icons

For creating site maps and user scripts

50-100 icons

Application screen icons

For creating custom scripts

50-100 icons

84% discount

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