The Icon Mix

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The Icon Mix is the bundle of 12 600 icons. In this product I’ve combined different sets, made in different styles and for different purposes. This solution meets the requirements of any project. Solve the content problem once and forever.



My name is Nikita (lastspark), and this is my shop. The last 6 years I’ve spent creating icons and logos, and here are all the products that I did over this time. Probably here you will find something interesting for your projects. Enjoy.

Future plans

4 styles in 1 pack

Outline, 2 versions of filled outline and flat

8 000 icons

Application screen icons

For creating custom scripts

50-100 icons

Avatar icons

Filled outline style

30-50 icons

Website page icons

For creating site maps and user scripts

50-100 icons


I have developed a lot of happy customer relations for 5 years of selling my products. Graphic River 5 star rating and 100% Recommended This Shop on Creative Market proves it.

Customer reviews

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